Monday, August 31, 2009

It’s Getting Close!!!

The Waynesville N.C. Four Day Tour is now one month away.  You’re planning to do this ride.  What should you do now?
  •  Let me know your intentions!!!!!  Contact me and let me know that you are committing to this tour.
  • Maximize your saddle time for the next two weeks.
  • Plan your equipment and clothing picks.
  • Get your bike in final shape.
  • Help recruit a few support drivers.
  • Plan to do the “Touring Test Ride” on Sunday, 6 September.

Item 1 should be pretty self explanatory.  I can be reached at the shop most days 770-468-9252, or email at

The second item in the list maybe needs abit of explaining.  Are you sure you are ready?  This is going to be a multi-day, supported tour.  It will be through mountainous terrain.  You should be pretty close to condition for this event.  The best preparations you can make now are to spend as much time in the saddle as possible.  But..!  That’s just for the next two weeks.  The last two weeks before the tour should be tapering and resting.

A good addition to that “saddle time” work would be doing the “Touring Test Ride” this coming Sunday.  That’s 6 September, at 11:00 AM.  Starting from in front of Bicycles Unlimited.  Well be doing the 65 mile “Audax Tune Up” loop.  There are a couple of stops along the way.  This should be different and fun on lighter bikes.  It will be a good occasion to assess your ability to tackle the trip to Waynesville.

Now here’s the “tough love” part:  I haven’t had a lot of feedback on this project.  Believe it.  I am going!  I’d love to have company.  If I don’t get a response, and soon, I will be changing plans for this ride.  It’s a lot easier to do this solo, than with a group.  So if you want it, it’s time to step up.

Hope to see you all on the road, and to hear from some of you real soon.